sct south 67

A pot for a pot

An exchange

of Energy

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Your earth,

Our great earth!

See, oh see:

All these heaps

Of bleached boned

And wind-dried skeletons!

They crumble in the air,

The mighty world,

The mighty world’s


Bleached bones,

Wind-dried skeleton,

Crumble in the air!



-Iglulik EskimoIMG_1576 2

shifting horizons

a cantilevered bridge crosses the mighty Red

going from East to West

coming from West to East

connecting Henteleff Park, Norman Park

in St.Vital neighbourhood


University of Manitoba

or vice versa

as the sun rises and the chimneys arises

a vapour of clouds emerge

along the axis of the coming and going

to and from

the bridge is the thing that gathers the fourfold

earth and sky, mortal and divinity

walking backward on this bridge

going West to school in the morning

facing the sun as it rises

rising with the sun along the gentle arch of a parabolic camber

one of the three weathering steel arms of this cantilevered bridge

imagine a really really really tall person

crossing this bridge

this person would continuously get taller taller and taller

until he reaches the vertex

at the very top of the parabolic arch

at this junction

a junction that gathers the fourfold

a threshold

a floating span

a gap

between the two facing cantilevered arms

between one side and the other


eleven metres above the mighty Red

inviting human action

for taking part in completing the crossing

bridging, acting, crossing

building, dwelling, thinking

after this crossing

this really really tall person

descending along the last cantilevered arm

gets shorter shorter and shorter

until he disappears into

the cool shadows of the riparian forest

Smoke Stack Sunrise.jpg


Being and time

When I stand on this bridge, dancing of death,
Looking downstream at what is the past,
Thinking of a future that will be the past
Past, present, future

Past, the foundation, the reason
Present, the entropy, the current, the balance of being
Future, anticipates.

– STUDIOabt2017-11-30-0001